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The family hub has been such a valuable place for my daughter, myself and my husband. I started using the hub when my daughter was about 4 months old. I can honestly say it had a really positive impact on my mental health and allowed me talk to other Mums as well as the lovely volunteers and staff, who are always so friendly and supportive.

The relaxed and supportive nature of the sessions is a real strength of the hub sessions, no pressure, no expectations, just being able to turn up to a safe and happy space and enjoy the activities together is really special for the local Mums who use the hub. 

I think it’s fantastic that the sessions are able to be donation only. As I’m not working, our budget is very tight so I’ve had to stop attending other classes and activities due to their costs. It’s wonderful to still have somewhere that I can attend and I try to ‘donate’ in other ways through volunteering and donating clothes, books and resources when I can.

I didn’t know very many people in Watlington before visiting the Hub, and most of my friends didn’t have babies so I was worried I would feel quite isolated since we’re living just outside of Watlington. Attending sessions at the Hub has helped tremendously. I now know lots of other mothers with babies similar ages. We get together for coffee and play dates as well as meeting up at the Hub.

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