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Covid 19

Our Family Hub recognises the importance of maintaining the highest possible standards of hygiene in and around the premises so as to minimise the risks posed to children, staff and parents/carers from COVID 19.


The Family Hub Coordinator and staff are committed to taking all practicable steps to prevent and control the spread of infectious germs, and to uphold high standards of personal hygiene in order to minimise the risk of catching or spreading infections.


If an adult or child is unwell they MUST NOT enter the Family Hub and MUST inform us straight away.







Personal Hygiene


  • Washing hands on arrival and departure​


  • Temperature will be taken and recorded


  • Hand gel will be available for adults


  • Both adults and children must follow the one way system put in place


  • Where possible social distancing between adults must be implemented


  • Taking any other steps that are likely to minimise the spread of infections.

First Aid and Hygiene

Parents and carers will be encouraged to deal with their own child’s first aid needs, however if the designated First Aider is required to assist they will be wearing appropriate PPE, including a mask and gloves. These will then be disposed of in the correct manner.

First Aid boxes are located in the Meeting Room, Kitchen and Office.


Any minor injury on the Family Hub site, to a child, carer or staff member should be recorded in the ‘Incidents Book’ which is located in the office.

Risk Assessment

A full Covid 19 risk assessment has been written in accordance with the government guidelines. We have worked with Chalgrove Primary School and the Acer Trust to ensure we are following the same procedures.


A visual inspection of both the equipment and the entire premises – both indoor and outdoor – will be carried out daily. This will, ordinarily, be carried out by a designated member of staff on arrival at the Family Hub and will be completed before any children arrive.

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